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A resource for old, new, and recycled songs

Welcome to the Libertarian Songbook. We hope to present a resource for people who enjoy writing, performing, and refocusing songs for a Libertarian audience, and for Libertarians looking for music that speaks to their political hearts.

The Songbook is divided into several sections, as follows:

  1. Existing songs, in the public domain or freely available for public performance
  2. Existing songs, not in the public domain and not freely available for public performance
    (These are songs which, for public performance, will require clearance through the proper copyright channels)
  3. "Recycled" songs (aka "filk")
  4. Directory of Libertarian musicians
  5. Directory of selected lyric sites and music sites
  6. Directory of selected sites of interest to Libertarians

In its initial stages, the Libertarian Songbook will post only the titles of songs in sections <1> and <2>, with links to onsite reader and editor reviews. The lyrics to many of these songs can be found on the Web on a number of "folk" music and "Celtic" (Irish or Scottish) music sites, such as The Mudcat Cafe, Irish Songs and Traditional Music, or 10,000 Volkslieder. Selected lines from particular performers' renditions of these songs may be used in reviews. Section <3> will include lyrics only with the lyricists' express permission to do so. In other cases, links may be provided to resources where the lyrics might be obtained.

We welcome suggestions of songs to be included in the songbook, and reviews of titles in the songbook. If possible, please state the song's title, alternate titles, author and/or composer, and year of composition in addition to the reasons you consider the song to be of interest to Libertarians. If you are referring to a specific performance of a song, please include as much information as possible about that performance -- performers, date(s), venue(s), and where one might find a copy of the recording. (Please use real name and e-mail for submission; if you prefer the review to be posted anonymously, please submit a handle to be used on this site.)

We reserve the right to place in deeper hierarchies any items offered for inclusion in the songbook which contain prurient and/or salacious language and/or other content so that those who wish to avoid this type of material may do so.

We do not plan to offer streaming media on this site. If you are looking for performance clips, please refer to the Directory of Musicians.


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